About the Global Survey on Voluntary Sustainability Standards

The key objective of the Global Survey on Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) is to set up a system to collect, process and disseminate market data on Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) across all geographic regions. This data will be an essential resource for decision makers in governmental administrations, development agencies, producers and exporters, NGOs and other actors of the international organic and sustainability standards sector by providing fast and easy access to current data via the internet.

The project will thus help to develop public and private development programmes, policies, and action plans. It will help empower producers and exporters in developing countries by strengthening their access to market information. The need to expand the collection of data arises from the increasing demand and interest in the VSS market and production data by producers, exporters, policy makers, and international organisations.

The project has a number of objectives related to this increasing interest and demand:

  • To develop a data collection & processing system for production and market data on VSS;
  • To set up a toolbox for local data collectors to improve the availability of market data particularly for developing countries;
  • To disseminate the information widely.